We aim to develop a portfolio strategy to the selected niche area across a well-diversified group of managers, geographic locations, stages and financial structure

We typically apply the program over several years to provide diversification and the most qualified partners. We believe access to co-investments and sourcing appropriately priced assets and portfolios of investments enables overall return of investments

Woolwich structures high yield investments with the ability to co-invest alongside the specialist managers and take advantage of secondary investment opportunities

We acknowledge the importance of diversification in today’s global market by valuing robust business models that have a local footprint with global potential.



Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy pertains to companies in a diverse range of related industries that demonstrate some, if not most, of the following attributes:

  • A need for capital injection to realise full growth potential
  • Existing clients and database 
  • International outlook 
  • Local footprint with global potential
  • Highly scalable
  • High degree of leverage
  • Automated Business Model / or a business model that can be automated
  • Significant upside supported by robust business plans
  • Competitive advantage in a particular market niche or sector
  • A business structure that is capable of change or expansion
  • A track record of positive cash-flow
  • Flexibility and management continuity