AD Financial Limited is focused on wealth management services targeting retail, wholesale and corporate advisory clients in the Australian financial services market. AD Advisory Services, Research and Ballast Group cover a broad range of financial services.

AD Advisory Services 

AD Advisory Services is a dealer group that was formed to fill the gap between the institutionally owned dealer groups and the boutique dealer groups that emerged following implementation of the Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) regime. The business model was designed to enable authorised representatives to still work for a dealer group that was independent without having to take on their own risk through acquiring their own financial services license. The Group has an Authorised Representative base of approximately 50 with a strong footprint in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia. AD Advisory Services has invested in the underlying infrastructure, and will look to expand by acquiring private dealer groups:

  • With little exposure to financial debt or existing issues

  • That are profitable

  • Where the group could help make a positive impact through acquisition

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AD Research

A leading provider of independent investment consulting services. Offering comprehensive customised solutions to a broad range of institutional investors such as superannuation funds, insurers, local authorities, government agencies, universities, foundations, not-for-profit organisations and firms that service the wealth management sector. 

The range of services and advice available includes:

  • Setting investment strategy and objectives.

  • Evaluate risks and set the optimum asset allocation.

  • Research, model and monitor, the right blend of managers.

  • Structure and stress test investment portfolios

  • Implement “tilts” as necessary.

  • Comply with relevant legislation.

  • Continually evaluate risks, asset allocation, investments and managers.

  • Provide meaningful reports to clients.

  • Advice on asset transition management services.

Ballast Group

Established in 1996, Ballast is an Australian owned and operated national financial services organisation with offices across Australia. Ballast is dedicated to providing its clients with an integrated range of wealth management services.

Ballast operates its services in-house and also via a network of business partners. The company takes pride in the quality of the products and services it offers, as well as the total professionalism and ethical behaviour offered by its staff and business partners.

At present, Ballast offers the following range of services:

  • Accounting

  • Financial Planning

  • Superannuation

You will find that Ballast has the expertise and industry reputation you can count on for financial success and peace of mind. At Ballast, we want you to be financially secure and we are here to help you afford the lifestyle of your dreams.

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